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BIM to Asset Management - Benefits Beyond Design

The role of Microdesk in this particular initiative was as a Technology and Process Advisor. As such, Microdesk reviewed the BIM models and accompanying data from a QA/QC perspective and helped with the writing and execution of the pilot plan. Additionally, Microdesk developed and updated the BIM for the Facilities Management Guidelines for Stanford Healthcare, which was then incorporated into the Building Information Modeling Guidelines for Design and Construction.   

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4% reduction in cost per Patient Day over a 5-year period
63% reduction in hours needed to complete work orders
98.5% reduction in time needed for asset information entry and updating

Synchronized training to level-set skillsets

Looking to improve workflows and design processes, VHB needed to standardize their AutoCAD platform products and versions across workstations throughout their 21 offices. Microdesk reviewed existing workflows, introduced new standards, developed and developed a web-based enterprise training program to synchronized technology deployment with minimal work–day disruption.

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20 Offices Trained
6 3-Hour Online Sessions