Customer Stories

A BIM to Asset Management Solution for the Denver International Airport

The Denver International Airport is the largest US airport in land size and the 18th busiest airport in the world.  Microdesk provided the Denver International Airport the solution they were looking for through their BIM to asset management tool called ModelStream. By implementing ModelStream, the airport was able to solve many of their challenges as it provided a bi-directional solution that would synchronize information between Revit and Maximo, allowing their staff to easily access all project data in a very efficient manner.

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Columbia University's Urban Campus for the 21st Century

Columbia University’s Manhattanville development is a 17 acre campus that will open its first buildings in late 2016. Lend Lease, the development and project management firm leading the construction process, in the beginning faced challenges in ensuring that they could meet the university’s aggressive goals and deadlines due to the scope of the project. Microdesk partnered with Lend Lease and Columbia University to implement a strategic plan for creating a streamlined process that would utilize advanced technology techniques to develop fully integrated building information models for facility management.  View Story